My name is Michael Anthony Pico Jr. - Visual Interaction Designer - and I have been working in visual and interactive media design for the better part of 8+ years. Over the course of my career, I have held jobs with startup companies as well as local web based service industry jobs leading me to the position that I currently hold today. I graduated from the Art Institutes of California in San Bernardino, where I received my Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Design and currently attending ASUs online program to obtain my Masters of Science degree in Graphic Information Technology.

I have a strong understanding of both UX and UI designs. Both fields go hand in hand with each other so being able to adapt to different users needs and wants is a strong point in my design choices. I am able to adapt quickly to various circumstances and change speeds at any given time dependent on the project at hand.

Beyond designing I also have keen interests in sports, preferably baseball, crossfit, reading (all genres, Science Fiction preferably), and gaming on both consoles and PC. I love traveling and would have to say the Chicago is my favorite city so far. I have picked up an interest in amateur photography and will take out my camera from time to time.

If you love what you see go ahead and drop me a line, even if it is to talk about sports and baseball statistics.

Much love!

If you an questions, feel free to shoot me an email.